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The place where you can see and buy the works of famous painters from various regions in Indonesia and abroad,Not only the paintings you can see but also the best handicrafts.Hadiprana Gallery is located inside Mitra Hadiprana building Ground floor often hold exhibitions and events visited by expatriates, art lovers and socialites,There is also a second floor painting class for children, and adults.

Exhibition for Art Appreciation.

In this new exhibition, the craftsmen that were at that point great companions with Hendra offer their manifestations in relegation. Adjacent to works of art from present day Indonesian craftsmen, there were additionally customary and post-conventional expressions and art. These brilliant manifestations ought not exclusively be offered to the valuation for general society however ought to likewise be available to be purchased. Available to be purchased? Truly, available to be purchased. This brought up a difficult issue; was it workable for Prasta Pandawa Gallery to offer expressions and specialties in the monetary turmoil of 1960’s. Were there any individuals capable and inspired by purchasing show-stoppers in a nation that was in a condition of social tumult, looked with political erosions and between amass clashes?

Hendra, being bolstered by Jennewati, his better half of 16 month, dealt with the exhibition professionally.His goodmanners, modern social aptitudes and capacity to imparted in a few remote dialects, enabled him to keep up the Prasta Pandawa Gallery working at an abnormal state. Art sweethearts and noticeable Indonesian savvy people, as well as represetatives, corps political individuals, and exiles came to purchase masterpieces.

In 1970, Hadiprana formed Prasta Pandawa into an all-new idea. Situated at Jl. Paletehan I no. 38, right over the street from the current display, Hadiprana named the new space, the Hadiprana Gallery as his association with Oetojo Goemilang had finished. Under his proprietorship, Hadiprana was allowed to build up the mission of the display as he saw fit with a view investigating more chances to offer and pitch artistic work to a more extensive open. In the mean time, the possibility of a display offering a wide range of masterpieces inside an inside plan approach developed significantly and was fiercely bolstered by various gatherings and Indonesian specialists.

In this new introduce the space was more extensive and intriguing. There was an in-house garden and lake. By an extend of dividers to hang artistic creations, there was a space to indicate models. The room on the opposite side, Taman Batik, was given to showcases of batik materials. A portion of the rooms upstairs were utilized as workplaces for the Hadiprana Architects Engineer and Interior Consultant firm.

Hundred of occasions have been held in the Galeri Hadirpana with great outcomes. At last, he moved the display in new premises on Jl. Kemang Raya 30, in South Jakarta. Given the accessible space in the new building, Hadiprana let parts of the working to different organizations in accordance with the display idea. These inhabitants are called “Mitra”, thus the name of Mitra Hadiprana for this exquisite building committed to workmanship. Since 1997, Galeri Hadirpana has held various occasions under the bearing of Puri Hadiprana, one of Hendra’s little girls.