Exhibition “Bali Reborn” organized by gallery Hadiprana and dedicated to Celebrating 70 Years of Indonesian, as well as celebrate the 86 birthday of Mr. Hendra Hadiprana the founder of the Gallery Hadiprana since 1962. This exhibition is a form of contribution to preserve and promote the traditional Balinese paintings, so the next generations can still enjoy and proud of it as one of the cultural richness of Indonesian heritage. In addition, it is hoped the public will fall in love again with Balinese painting and make it their valuable art collections.

This exhibition displays the works of artists who depict about their family, nature, people, and their love of Bali the land where they were born and reside. As artists they are not just smart to paint or draw, but they show good character qualities. Their loyalty to the traditions and customs of Bali even more foster their creativity. All because based on the attitude of the Balinese people who always maintain a balance in dealing with God, ourselves, other human beings, the environment and nationality.

This exhibition is an implementation of the vision of the Hadiprana Gallery featuring exhibits that have a soul and spirit in character developing values. From the world of Balinese art we can learn to build and strengthen the character values. Balinese traditional painting might well not be realized without honesty, without discipline, without the persistence and without the spirit of learning. The Balinese painter always have a sense of responsibility to foster unity in the midst of diversity among them. The traditional Balinese artists have always had a passion behaviors contribute to progress together. That’s the life lessons of character values from traditional Balinese artists for the Indonesian nation.

Puri Hadiprana

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