June 2015

Dedicated for 70 Years of Indonesia

The history of Bali’s painting was started long before Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet came to this island. Balinese painting has deep local roots. In the village of Kamasan—the home of “classical” Balinese art, it is still practiced the painters are also farmers. In the morning, they worked the fields. When the sun was too hot they took their painting tools and started to express their themselves. Often they worked in a group to produce a painting.

Balinese artists have also interacted with other Asian artists, particularly those of China, and later Western artists. From these sources, an aesthetic tradition developed that depicts stories from the ancient Indian epics as well as themes from Javanese mythology and the religious and communal life of the Balinese themselves.

This exhibition is dedicated for 70 years of Indonesia. We hope the next generation to enjoy the heritage works of Bali and to learn about the riches of our culture.

Suartana 53x46 cmMade Jagra - 64x46 cm Wayan Durus 90x130 cm