Iman Topo

Iman Sutopo


Born in Purbalingga, Central Java in 1943, Iman Sutopo now lives in Depok, West Java. He was educated in ASRI Yogyakarta between 1960-1963. In 1967, he joined Bamboo Studio, an artist association based in Jakarta. Iman had previously worked as an editor at a children’s art magazine, however since 1980 he decided to fully commit and pursue a career as artist. His art is mostly inspired by the culture and philosophy of Indonesia. At the same time, given his experience as an art editor with a special interest in children and adolescents, the same subject and theme can clearly be seen as a characteristic of his art. He believes that the childhood years are a time of joy, happiness and full of optimism. Iman Sutopo’s work has been featured at art exhibitions in Indonesia.

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