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Love at Tempo Scan Tower

Sculpture Exhibition

at TempoScanTower Lobby

Jl. HE Rasuna Said Kav. 3-4

Jakarta Selatan

“Learn from the Wood” :

The Art Collaboration of the Nature and Hadiprana Artists Choose only one master …. Nature … (Rembrandt van Rijn)

It is about artistic shapes that nature provides, by itself and without any scheme nor human design. Nature offers beauty in the most unexpected places — in this case, with wood. A dialogue with the material of wood is a give and take, we can never force a shape upon it.

Curved edges, bulges and indentations emerge out of the natural deformation of the wood. What makes the wooden sculpture interesting, however, is not only the sculptor’s virtuosity and material, but the forces that have been acting on the tree and its growth for centuries. Whether it is solitary or grove-growing, on fertile or hungry soil, exposed to wind and weather and outside influences – all these factors are engraved indelibly on the “memory of the wood” and give the receptacle its final form.

Naturally enough, we are loathe to chop down an old tree, so we uses local trees that have fallenor been dead for years that often become deformed. We can find the raw materials for creating the honest, rough and one-of-a-kind sculptures.

To close with the words of architect Louis I. Khan, “Ask the wood what it would be.” And we try to turn wood into what it would be. And that’s fabulous.

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