Exhibition TERESA ROZKIEWICZ Artist from Canada April 8 – 15’ 2015


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The name of my exhibition at Hadiprana Galeri is “My Jakarta”.

Daily life in Jakarta has brought me much inspiration, and the influence of the city has continued to evolve since my arrival.

What I first noticed walking on the streets were all these colorful, vibrant street shops or “warungs.” Their colourful plastic sheet covers with pictures depicting their food offerings caught my eye. I wanted to develop these themes through my art, so I did some paintings with these in mind. Then, I got the idea of doing abstract maps of city landmarks and my paintings then evolved into more of a city landscape style. This is my take of Jakarta with buildings popping everywhere and the landscape changing by the minute. It’s my interpretation of the megacity of Jakarta, with its modern skyscrapers and traditional kampungs side by side