Art Consultation

Since the gallery was established in 1962, for the founder Hendra Hadiprana, art is one of his favorite things when designing a home. Art will determine the soul of a home. He himself is a well-known art collector in Jakarta. There is no style, color or a particular subject that specifically attracted him. He just bought a painting he like. He decided to buy a painting because he love it, he had a place to hang it, and he had a budget.

Collecting works of art is a very personal thing. Works of art that are in someone’s home is self-expression, just like the fashion they wear, furnishings they choose, the music they listen to. There is so much art out there, choosing the one that we love is like when we choose a right partner in life.

Galeri Hadiprana is often asked by the clients to choose the art that is appropriate for their home or office. They often ask how this famous painter? Will the painting be high-value in the future? For Galeri Hadiprana, buying a painting should begin with the question of what the painting make us feel really happy. Because in the end, we have no way of calculating if it will increase in value. If it so, by how much.

Galeri Hadiprana’ guidelines for choosing a painting is as follow:
• Artistic identity of the artist is clearly visible in the work
• Idea of the theme is original
• Containing moral and philosophical values, inspiring, uplifting and joy
• Mastery of painting techniques and have a good knowledge
• Harmony within a room. Quality art can improve the look of any room

The main principle to buy painting is: “Buy a painting because we love it, not because we think we should buy the painting”.

Purchase the art by Indonesian artists since this country is full of talented artists who happily willing to create a unique piece just for your home or your office.

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