Art Exhibition
“Prosperity by Nature”
28 February – 28 March 2016

Art is a Way of Our Gratitude to God

Landscapes and images of natural scenery is a popular subject in Indonesian art. Indonesia is located in the tropical region with abundant rain and sunshine most of the time. “. The beautiful natural scenery scattered everywhere, such as lakes, volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls and tropical forests. This exhibition is intended to show true gratitude for the things we are grateful for the prosperity by nature.

In the areas that away from the bustle of the modern city, these artists try to focus on their work and observe nature firsthand. Some of the artists presented here broke traditional boundaries of straightforward representational landscape, exploring the psychological and spiritual places in landscapes. This is the wonderful grace of God which is manifested in the work of art.

Yuli Kodo - Senyumnya Orang Jawa -  180cm x 200cm

Wayan Bawa Antara - Memandang Masa Depan - 130x150 - Oil on canvas

Udin Kuru - Panen Ikan Besar - 100x150

Giring - Pohon Kehidupan - 100x130