Putu Bonuz Sudiana


Putu Bonuz Sudiana was born 1972 in the poor and tiny island of Nusa Penida in the Southeast coast of Bali. The purity and beauty of the environment in which he grew up in stirred the young Bonuz to become deeply interested in the visual arts, especially drawing. In this beautiful island known for its fishing and seaweed farming, he began his exploration in art by painting fishing boats. In the fishing village where he grew up in, his enormous interest in painting was considered uncommon, but this did not discourage him from aspiring to formally study painting. After finishing junior high school in Nusa Penida, he confidently moved to Bali to study at the High School of Fine Arts (SMSR). Then in 1995, he continued to further his education at the Indonesia Arts Institute (ISI) in Denpasar and graduated in 2002. His works are mostly born out of an instinctive process from his contemplation of social life and its experiences; which brought out in him feelings of restlessness, sadness, joy and happiness. His works have been exhibited since 1994 locally in Denpasar, Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Bandung and also abroad in Singapore and Australia.