Stefan Buana

He was born in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra in 1971. He graduated from ISI, the Indonesia Art Institute in 2003 and lives in Jogjakarta. His father, who was a naval officer, also worked as a sketch artist who documented his trips to various places with the Navy ship. The young Stefan grew up to be an admirer of the artists, Picasso and Paul Gauguin. By the time Stefan was ready to attend college, he made a trip to Bali and ended living there for a year. When he was presented with the opportunity to attend the Indonesian Art Institute in Jogjakarta, he visited Jogjakarta and decided to stay. Stefan Buana is a versatile artist who works in various mediums – from paintings to prints, sculptures to installation pieces. He is known for his strong character and personal style. As a contemporary Indonesian artist, he implements a broad range of styles and innovative techniques to his work.